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Rob Sherman Designs

Infernal Hollow | 14k Yellow with Sterling Silver Tufa Cast Turquoise Pendant

Infernal Hollow | 14k Yellow with Sterling Silver Tufa Cast Turquoise Pendant

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"The Infernal Hollow" pendant is beautifully handmade with 14k gold and sterling. It features a vibrant, blue Kingman Turquoise stone from the mountains of Arizona. The turquoise stone has a gold bezel surrounding it with a castellated bezel. The gold is mounted atop a tufa cast sterling base to accentuate the gold and silver.

The "Infernal Hollow" is perfect for those who enjoy bespoke bold and vibrant jewelry. It's unisex and universally beautiful. The 20" sterling foxtail chain provides another detail of style to this pendant.

Rob Sherman is a third-generation silversmith from Arizona and handcrafts each piece from start to finish. Sherman works the metal from upcycled sterling and gold and cuts the stone from rough to finished. Each piece that leaves our shop is gallery quality.

The pendant measures slightly under 2" tall x 1" wide. It has a 20" foxtail chain.

Kingman turquoise
14k Yellow Gold (up cycled)
Sterling Silver (up cycled)

Necklace come in a leatherette bronze colored showcase box complete with a note from the artist. Packaged to make opening a special event. Gift wrapping is available.

We ship next business day.

Simply wipe the piece with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Do not submerge or use chemicals on natural stones. Store them in a cool dry place.

Our turquoise pieces are made to show the color produced by these organic gemstones. Rob handcrafts each piece of jewelry through a process of fabrication. He uses upcycled metals! He also cuts the stone from rough to the finished product you see here.

Every piece is a hand-crafted work of art by Rob Sherman, with a spirit of tradition and attention to detail. Rob's jewelry represents his love of his home, the American west and his family's 80 year tradition of jewelry making.

>Exceptional Quality and Sourcing
We travel the globe sourcing turquoise that meet our high standards of beauty and durability, ensuring your piece is not just beautiful but built to last. Sherman uses the highest quality material and ensure their eco-friendly origin by up cycling old and broken gold and silver.

>Heritage and Expertise.
With generations of expertise, RSD is more than a brand, it's a legacy of passion and excellence in the world of fine jewelry.

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